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Who we are?

"The Mantra of Life" of IARI, New Delhi Student's wing, is a platform that provides personality development programs and inculcates competitive spirit, confidence building, higher goals and human values among the Farm University students of India. In addition, the group has been successfully conducting various free online programs for students at the National level.


To Inspire Spirituality behind the Science.


Empowering Scientific Professionals in Spirituality for holistic wellness.


  • To offer seminars to help professionals catch up with life’s race with a calm, cool and creative mindset.‎

  • Provide a sense of balancing between personal and professional life by Vedic-Injunction.

  • To impart education about science & spirituality and bring out the individual’s internal potential like Concentration, Motivation, Self-confidence, Kindness, Tolerance, Cooperation, etc.

  • Educate How to gain Happiness and Self-fulfilment in the life

  • Provide soft-skill training like leadership, stress management, time management etc.

  • Educate How to Blend character with competence in bringing about Long Enduring Success.

  • ‎To uproot unhealthy habits, awaken a positive attitude, and secure youngsters from self-destructive addictions that harm the mind and body.


  • Meditation for peace and joy

  • Science of Body-Mind-Soul Wellness

  • ‎‎Healthy Habits & Hobbies

  • ‎Balancing Ambition and inner fulfilment ‎

  • ‎Creative use of scientific talents for the welfare of ‎all living beings.

Informative lectures
  • We are bringing the hidden potential out in the youth to create the virtues of self-confidence and motivation through informative and vibrant presentations and lectures.

  • Systematic courses on Bhagavad Gītā

  • ‎‎Personality development & character buildup

Outreach Activities for Students
  • “Spiritual Scientist” - Basic Bhagavad Gita Study

  • Personality Development Programs

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