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"The Mantra of Life" of IARI, New Delhi Student's wing is a platform that provides personality development programs, inculcate competitive spirit, confidence building, higher goals and human values among the Farm University students of India. In addition, the group has been successfully conducting various free online programs for the students at the National level.

Lecture 1
Decoding Happiness

4th September

Know the real inner happiness within


discard the killing stress

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Decoding Happiness.png

Lecture 2
Power of Habits

5th September

Habits or Hobbies???

Habits Die Hard

3 Solutions to Curb Bad Habits

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Decoding Happiness.png

Lecture 3
Managing Distractions

11th September

Causes and Effects

Time Management Matrix

Practical Solutions

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Decoding Happiness.png

Lecture 4
Life on Two Wheel

12th September

Add flavour to the monotonous way of living

Learn to love the real self

Pure thoughts keep us self satisfied

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Decoding Happiness.png



Dr. Manjunath Ramanna PhD(IARI)

Assistant Professor of Agricultural Microbiology, Department of Natural Resources Management, College of Horticulture, UHS Campus, 

GKVK, Bengaluru.


Dr. Dolamani Amat PhD(IARI)

Scientist(Agricultural Microbiology),

Soil Biology Division, ICAR-Indian Institute of Soil Science, Bhopal.

manish (2).jpg

Er. Manish Debnath M.Tech

PhD Scholar, Division of Water Technology, IARI-New Delhi.

Scientist, Land and Water Management Engineering, National Rice Research Institute, Cuttack.

Sonica formal.jpg

Ms. Sonica Priyadarshini M.Sc.,

PhD Scholar, Division of Computer Application, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi.

Ex. National President & "State Secretary, Delhi" in All India Agricultural Students Association(AIASA)

Senior Editor of AIASA Newsletters

Ex. Student Representative in Post Graduate School Students Union (PGSSU), IARI, New Delhi.

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